Equine Psychology Diploma - GESLAAGD - PaardenInzicht
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Equine Psychology Diploma – GESLAAGD

Over dit project

Heel blij! GESLAAGD voor Equine Psychology Diploma

En trots op de score van 97% en op de feedback v

an de assessor: Overall strengths of assessment including understanding demonstrated: A fantastic ach

ievement, Margreet, your answers were impressive, clearly explained and well written; this revealed your personal progression throughout the modules along with an excellent comprehension of the course material. You should be proud of reaching such impressive grades in each of the modules.

Overall Grade: Distinction

Overall Percentage: 97%

Grade Boundaries: RESUBMIT = 0% – 59%, PASS = 60% – 70%, MERIT = 71% – 85%, DISTINCTION = 86% – 100%