How do you get closer together as a team? - PaardenInzicht
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How do you get closer together as a team?

Over dit project

LI post 23-09-2022

How do you get closer together as a team? ?It takes dedication, teamwork, honesty, and a bit of fun.This is what the customers of PaardenInzicht say!

Here’s the support team with one extra team member, Zalina the horse. We’re covered in Zalina’s hair/poo/sand/love bites, we have big smiles, we’re one team with a “??? ????” mindset.


We did this activity as a team building, it really got us outside our comfort zones. It delivered much more than expected, Zalina gave us more insight into our team dynamics bringing us even closer together.
Horses read people, they mimic you, if you give them an inch they’ll take a mile, if you’re too tough, they won’t comply, if you’re too soft, they’ll take you to where they want…

Zalina the horse reminded us how much better we are together. Each time we did a team activity the trainer gave us kudos on our consistency, rhythm, and one team mindset. As individuals we can achieve, but together we go much further, faster, stroger, are more consistent, and have more fun!
If you’re looking for an “aha” moment, this comes recommended. 

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