Coaching with horses
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Coaching with horses

PaardenInzicht – Coaching with horses

Do you want to solve problems in an active and effective way? And do you want to achieve lasting results with your (management) team or as an individual?

This can be done by learning and experiencing through the non-verbal interaction with a horse.

PaardenInzicht helps leadership, management and employees to gain insights in and solve problems with communication, cooperation and leadership. PaardenInzicht does this out of the box through the effective and insightful business coaching with horses.

Coaching with horses solves problems quickly because they are made visible through the interaction with horses. You and your team can see clearly the problems and issues that need attention and/or fixing. This is acceptable for attendee’s, as horses always speak the truth!

The coaching with horses is also very effective as solutions and actions can be put in to practise directly after the coaching.

PaardenInzicht is your partner as PaardenInzicht is THE specialist because of knowledge, expertise and experience!

How does this work? Continue reading!

We travel! Just let us know which country. You can contact PaardenInzicht by email: or call: +31622360999 

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Generally its wrongly thought that coaching with horses is a trend of the last few years. It’s in fact the opposite, already in the Classic Greece literature the pedagogical effects of the interaction with horses are described by Xenophon (430 B.C. – 355 B.C.). Due to results abroad (for example in USA and Germany) Coaching with horses became, last 5-10 years more known in The Netherlands.

Coaching with horses is a beautiful natural way to work in depth and very efficiently when it comes to business problems / questions.
Horses make you aware of issue(s) like communication problems, not having a plan, teamwork issues, fear, doubts etc.
When aware you can start working on solutions. You will do this together with the horse (your mirror), until you reach an effective and workable solution.
During practice doubts will be sensed* by the horse, thus allowing you to not only to find a solution, but also to experience success when you actually put this solution into use. In this way coaching with horses, is a strong learning experience. Furthermore: immediately after the coach session you can start putting the learned solutions into practice at work or at home.

PaardenInzicht - Margreet Noordanus

How does this work?

Continue reading!

The 4 key’s of coaching with horses:



lasting results 


Is coaching with horses only for individuals?

No, it’s not. Also team coaching with horses is an incredibly powerful instrument, as well for the team as for the team members.

Horses support you and your team with, for example:

better / different management, better functioning (work / family), burnout, communication, concentration improvement, phobias, focus, goals achievement, boundaries, setting and communication boundaries, recognizing (unwanted) patterns, (mid) life questions, to overcome fears (also horse fear!), planning, implementing, setting priorities, (improving) teamwork, job applications, team building, improving of conflict management, self-understanding, awareness, recognizing and acknowledgement.

Afraid off horses?

No problem: you will not ride the horse, and your coach is not only experienced and but keeps also an eye on your safety. Also you will be coached through your fear: not by forcing, but by starting outside the ring. As also outside the ring the horse will communicate and interact with you. Allowing you to experience step by step how you, yourself, can overcome your fear. We always experience that the first real (physical) contact is a very empowering moment, of which some customers even say that this has changed their lives.

Coaching with horses

This, sometimes life changing, coach method is available via PaardenInzicht for the benefit of you and your team.

Vlodrop, 1st of July, 2017
Margreet Noordanus / PaardenInzicht


*On request or during the workshop, I can provide you with an explanation how and why this works, and why horses are such good coaches (in Dutch you can also you can read about this in my blog:

Equine Assisted Learing PardenInzicht Coaching with Horses

More info:

Explanation (cartoon):
Margreets education, career, experience and publications, see
Most info in Dutch, please let me know if you need more information in English)
To book your coaching session with the horses: do not hesitate to contact me with your enquiry via email: or give me a call: +31622360999

Picture right: your coach Margreet Noordanus talking to a multi-international team of 2 companies, during teambuilding. After discussing the theme (Inspiration & Motivation), I gave safety instruction and after that is was time for the team to meet and start their the practical part of the workshop with the horses.

Margreet Noordanus / PaardenInzicht

Phone: +31622360999

Margreet Noordanus Presentation